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Why You Should Write Moving Company Reviews

Released: 2/20/2010 7:00:32 PM    Source: Singapore Budget Moving & Delivery

Why should you write moving company reviews? Why should you take your time to write an in-depth review about the moving company you used? The answer is simple: Karma. What goes around comes around as it is said. If you’ve suffered from a terrible moving company, it’s your responsibility to let the world know. Same goes for if you have a wonderful experience with a great moving company. The world works in funny ways. Say you want to buy a new TV and you look for reviews. How would you feel if you couldn’t find any reviews on the TV you want to buy?

In order to avoid this situation, don’t give Karma a reason to take revenge on you. When you write a moving company review, you give people valuable information on a moving company that they might consider using. When you do write a review, make sure you include the following things:

  • Time/date/starting and final destinations: This will help people understand where and when the moving company operates.

  • First impression: This is an important factor when judging character. Let everyone know how you felt. Where they courteous? Did they help you with what you needed? How did you feel when you first spoke to a representative?
  • Before the move: If you had a question prior to moving day, did they answer your question or just ignore you?

  • Moving day: Did the movers arrive on time? Were they courteous? Did they work hard? These are extremely important factors to mention because most moving problems happen on moving day.

  • Delivery: Did you receive your stuff on time or was it a day late? A week late? A month late? Have they still not delivered anything?

  • Post move and problem solving: When you tried contacting the company to discuss some problems you had with the move, did they resolve your issues or did they just ignore you?

This information is extremely useful to anyone doing research on moving companies.

Don’t be the one to not review the moving company you use because you don’t want to be the one lacking information when you need to make a purchase or use a service.