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The Three Types of Moving Companies

Released: 2/20/2010 6:55:22 PM    Source: Singapore Budget Moving & Delivery

The relocation industry is largely designed to cater to the needs of you and your family. Therefore, in order to determine what kinds of moving companies you should contact for assistance, you must first know the level of assistance that you will require. Some companies will do it all…while other movers perform more specific aspects of the move.

Full-Service Movers
Full-service movers are the most inclusive relocation option available to you. They handle every aspect of the move, from packing to loading to driving to unloading. They are professional and licensed and will offer you the opportunity to insure your belongings against the unforeseen event that something is damaged in route. What you pay for this service is more than made up for in the time, effort and stress, you and your family will be spared.

Self-Service Movers
Self-service moving is a hybrid relocation option requiring you to handle the packing and loading/unloading while the company you hire handles the driving. This is the perfect service for small to medium interstate moves. Self-service moving is a convenient and cost-saving alternative to full-service and do-it-yourself movers which allows you and your family greater control over loading and packing your belongings while also allowing you to take advantage of experienced drivers to assist you.

Just as the name suggests, this relocation option requires you to handle every single aspect of your move, from planning, packing, loading, driving, renting the truck, planning your route, securing storage (if necessary), to unloading and unpacking. What you save in expenses is compensated for in the time and effort will be required of you. However, if you have family and friends willing and able to help, this is a chance to save some money!