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Types of Paint and Which is Right For You?

Released: 2/20/2010 6:53:58 PM    Source: Singapore Budget Moving & Delivery

Painting a house isn’t as easy as it seems. There are many different types of paint available and knowing each kind will help you get the results that you want. You don’t want to use the wrong kind of paint since you would have to paint over again.

After you’ve moved into your new home or apartment you need to find out what kind of surface you’re going to be painting on and the circumstances of what you’re trying to do. For instance a primer should suffice if you’re only interested in painting over a wall that’s flaking or peeling because it’s probably been painted with finish paint already.

Regardless though, you’re going to need a primer to get started on painting your house. It’ll help prevent stains or cracks in the future.

The finish paints is where it can get complicated for the average painter. There are actually two different types of finish paints. One is an Alkyd paint which is more of an oil-based paint and there is the latex kind. The latex paint dries fairly quickly and doesn’t have much a stench.

The key is what level of gloss you’re looking for. Gloss is the shine that reflects off the painted finish surface. The four different kinds of glosses are flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

The kind of gloss you’re going to want depends on how much action the room you’re looking to paint might see.

The flat gloss paints is great for rooms that don’t have much risk for potential damage, unlike a kid’s room. The satin finish is more suitable for a children’s room because it’s more stain resistant, making it easier to clean. Another level higher than the satin finish is the semi gloss paint. It’s even easier to clean than the satin kind as well as extremely durable. The gloss that is normally used for the crowded rooms like the kitchens and dining rooms is the gloss paint. It’s a hard type of paint that is easy to clean and incredibly stain resistant.

Before you decide on painting the house or apartment, do it after the movers have left your residence. They may have caused some accidental damage to your walls that might have to be repaired before you start painting your house or apartment. There is no point in doing it twice.

Consider the size of your family, how many kids you plan on having jumping around your house than you’ll be able choose the right paint with the right gloss.